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Our company has many years of successfully implementing their own projects exhibition stands.

the experience gained during our activity designers, creatives, engineers and the rest of the team allows to realize the most bold and unconventional solutions. Exhibition stands manufactured at our own modern equipment, will meet the highest requirements and standards.

by Choosing us, you get a reliable partner:
- own design Studio with the highest score will perform creative work, will take into account in the development of the brand and your own wishes, ha visualiz idea for your vision of our ideas;
- own production of high quality and in accordance with the visualization to embody conceived in life. At this stage it is important to the understanding of designers, architects and engineers the Cohesion of our team allows you to accurately embody the conceived idea;
- coordinated and reliable team of installers with limited time and collect your exhibition stand.

We offer our services in the design and manufacture of exclusive solutions for participation in the exhibition. Our work is always fresh, vivid and memorable.

If you decide to participate in the exhibition, should try to get maximum benefits. To be among dozens of companies, no different from each other – not the best investment. In order to attract due attention, actively apply individual exhibition stands. Exclusive solutions, memorable forms and professional approach will help you reach your goals.

our Own production, a team of experienced designers and architects, as well as a cohesive team is the guarantee of our reliability and success of our clients.

Why we

Our stands are really high quality:
- we have our own production base.
- rich experience and long list of satisfied customers;
- talented architects and designers;
- the constant search for best solutions;
we never skimp on materials, we have the correct choice;
- attention to detail.

the list goes on and on, but you just need to contact us to make sure you are dealing with real professionals.


Exhibition stands

At the origins of holding various exhibitions are French museums. In France the demonstration of goods and services – it's the same thing that show their own works of art. If you think about it, the way it is. Museums and exhibitions have a lot in common even today, many years later, after the emergence of the tradition of their conduct.

As Museum pieces, every good or service at the exhibition must be submitted original and bright. To help cope with this task stand. Properly designed and furnished, they represent your company to the client in the most favorable light. To attract – here is their main task. In addition, they affect the perception of the product, than we create the image, reputation and image, which is very important in modern conditions of market competition.

the Goal of the exhibition stand, with the right approach will be effectively implemented and you only get a positive result. Our company, based on its years of experience, is taken for the execution of works of any complexity. We will show all of your strengths, hide weaknesses and attempt to leave your clients in memory only the most vivid impressions. Creative designers, backed by robust manufacturing – is the main key to our reputation and your success.

Advertising stand should be made so that it was unique and was able to attract as many viewers, as presentation material at the exhibition, a huge amount. And not to miss out on the chance of further promotion of goods or brand, it is recommended to turn to professionals. The client should always supervise your project and amend as necessary.

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Creative exhibition stands

In promoting their goods or services, the contractor shall efficiently and as widely as possible to represent their products. Selecting a specific type of advertising manufacturer in a subsequent customer wishes to get the most from investments in advertising.

Exhibition stand is one of the advertising moves to attract the attention of potential customers. The more unique or more exclusive products will be presented on the stand, half depends on its further implementation.

Creating creative stands, the designers start from their ideas. But this does not mean that the customer should not interfere in the creative process. On the contrary, the customer throughout the work is actively involved and complements existing ideas their comments and amendments.

to Create a truly individual frame for production is possible only when the overall consistency and coordinated actions of both parties (customer and contractor). Create unique advertising it is possible thanks to the well developed computer technology, fine detailing and decorative finish. However, working on an exclusive advertising model, do not forget about to match the overall theme of the event.


Design exhibition stands

with the design of exhibition stands, you should consider many factors. Here is taken into account and the technical side of things, the psychological factor and aesthetic appearance of the finished product. Technical aspect includes technical safety in operation of facilities. Factors involved in the project

Psychological factor. He plays on the perception of the product a potential client. Direct contact of the buyer with the goods has a significant role in the selection of products. On visual perception is also affected by the opportunity to learn how the product inside, of course, if possible. As well as clear information about the product itself. Information can be placed on a special stand, modular exhibition stand, which is manufactured in the form of a screen. On it, for example, you can position shelves where you can place additional exhibits. One of the rules of business "exhibition stand" States that exposition material should not be too much. Also, do not pile the stand material that has no precise relationship to the advertised product. The abundance of goods may drive the customer to the confusion. Regardless of the large volume of work we perform, you can find companies who make exhibition stands on a turnkey basis and thus have more than loyal pricing.p>

the task of the participant in any exhibition – using the exhibition stand to show your product its best, attracting the attention of customers. Also do not forget about the image of your company that is created and maintained by meticulous and hard labour.

to Visually Express the product or service, its philosophy, differences from competitors and create an image – the main objective of the exhibition stands. To cope effectively with them, participate in the exhibition should be preceded by a large-scale work. Designers visualize your idea, then technologists are developing ways to fulfil it. And of course, the manufacture and installation of the exhibition stand. These are the stages through which our clients receives a quality and innovative outcome of our work.

Past your exhibition stand will be hard to pass without looking inside. We will demonstrate products, focusing on its benefits and advantages. For us there are no impossible tasks, any project – this is a new experience.

the Main condition of work – it is your desire to stand out and be unconventional. The only way you will appreciate all the benefits of participation in the exhibition, getting the maximum efficiency and benefit.



the Stands are the best solution to deliver necessary information to the exhibition guests. If you regularly take part in them, I can advise to seek help from these versatile and versatile designs. This equipment is completely different configurations and can perform a variety of functions. the
The advantage of stands is the ease of transport, speed of Assembly and ease of storage. Also, using the stand, you can effortlessly replace advertising medium.

the First who started to use the stands and in General has become to effectively use the benefits of the event with a point impact on the target audience is pharmaceutical companies. They spent a lot of actions, meetings and conferences, actively involving them in a variety of stands.
Remember that the flexibility of the solutions that give the booths, allow you to be more mobile, efficient and quiet for the availability of exhibition equipment. Professional and responsible approach to the selection of this equipment and correctness of its use will be an effective tool in the right hands.

And remember that equipment is only half the story. Important people, who you represent and how they use effective exhibition stands help in their work

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